Here are 7 reasons why it’s important to celebrate your small local businesses as well as your high-street favourites.

1. You’re supporting local lives.

When you shop with small local businesses, you can rest assured that the money you are investing into their products is directly supporting the people you are buying from. You’re helping to support the lives of them and their families, maintaining their craft and passion for their trade.

2. Behind one small business there are others.

If you’re buying local, the chances are you’re not just supporting one local business but a network of them. Local independents will use suppliers that they know and trust to deliver high-quality materials. This means there is a high chance they are local to you too.

3. Small businesses provide big inspiration!

If you often struggle for gift ideas, shopping small could be a big source of inspiration for you. You’ll be more likely to find something unique or even one-of-a-kind so the only struggle will be parting with your fabulous find yourself.

4. You’re gifts instantly become more thoughtful.

Not only are you more likely to find something different but locally sourced or even hand-made gifts will represent something sentimental. This is often because of the story behind the craft or even the business, as designer-makers and small business owners will usually explain to you where the item has come from or how it came to be; something that often gets lost when buying massed produced stock.

5. You’re helping to strengthen a community.

Small businesses value their customers as individuals, particularly the one’s that keep coming back. By shopping small you’re bound to discover something about the business owner or staff, and they you! The chances are you’ll pass their name on to someone else you know and they will remember you the next time you visit. These relationships help to strengthen a community, giving people reasons to stay and call it home.

6. You’re helping to define your town’s identity.

By helping to build your local community you are also helping define your home town. When people go on vacation, they are usually looking for something authentic that enforces the feeling of being somewhere special and different to home. Giving a town an identity that appeals to tourists is down to the loyalty of the people that live there.

Your buying habits will ultimately help define what your town has to offer and what it needs more of. Shopping independent will encourage more entrepreneurs to settle locally to you, bringing more unique businesses and encouraging local prosperity.

7. More specialist businesses mean specialist jobs.

To ensure their brands are being represented in the best possible way and that their customers are receiving the best possible care, small businesses will often hire staff that are experts in their field, who have experience and most of all passion for what they do.

An increase in independent businesses trade means more possibilities for local, high-quality jobs.

Click here to find out more about how you can support your local traders for Small Business Saturday.

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