Take a look at our 7 simple reasons why using social media could vastly improve your business activity.

1. Drive more traffic to your website.

Social media channels will provide your business with valuable links and referrals to your website. The more networks you participate in, the more traffic you could potentially drive to your blog, website or online store.

Facebook is the biggest driver for social media referrals, followed by Pinterest.

2. Showcase your brand.

With various platforms available to post your products and services, it’s easy to showcase your brand in the way you want. People will interact with brands they recognise and trust, so it’s important to increase your brand awareness and show off the quality and consistency of your work.

3. Increase your exposure to new customers and generate leads.

There is no easier way of reaching new customers than by building a social media presence.

77% of B2B businesses have acquired new customers through Facebook and 46% of online shoppers will refer to Facebook pages for reviews and insight before they make a purchase online.

4. Hear what people have to say about your business.

Social media provides a simple way of collecting feedback on your products. You can assess how popular certain posts have been through your social media insights and judge what followers have reacted well to.

Don’t forget that negative feedback is just as helpful in improving your business and moving your services forward.

5. Market your business in a cost effective way.

Whilst there are now more limitations on how you run a business on social media, most social media sites will offer ways of advertising your business for a small fee. Even small investments are likely to get you some return, whether this be by gaining more followers or getting more clicks to your website.

6. Reach your target audiences with ease.

There are effective ways available to reach your desired customers when advertising your business though social media. You can now target your audience by geography and demographics. You can create audiences for your adverts by highlighting relevant interests that your target customer would have, choose a desired age range, gender and even pin-point online spending habits.

​7. Build a loyal following.

By having a dedicated business page(s) or group on one more social media sites is a great way of building a following for your brand. Having a community such as this behind what you have to offer is a great way of building trust and increasing interest in what you have to offer.

Consumers are more likely to invest in your product if they can see other people using it and enjoy it.

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