​Designer-maker, Jane Carter-Lilley is one of the latest talents to join the Made In Ashford collective.

But where do all these wonderfully creative minds come from?

After a long career in London, Jane decided to embrace her creative side and embarked on an Art and Design course which saw her graduate from University with a Bachelor of Arts degree, with honours, in Contemporary Jewellery, in 2014.

The design inspiration for Flossy Watts is taken from the artists surroundings and elements that exist there, including the natural world in the form of flora, fauna, minerals and rocks.

Jane explains,

Jane creates her jewellery using clay, resin, polymorph silicon and metals. She then adds mix-media including silver and other interesting objects.

​You can find more of the Flossy Watts collection by visiting the Made In Ashford store, now open in Park Mall Shopping Centre, Ashford.

Find out more about the brand by following Flossy Watts on Facebook and Twitter.

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