The Clinique counter in Debenhams, Ashford are taking a big step this month to embark on a new national campaign to help inspire young people to feel great.

The inspirational event is the brand’s first ever campaign to use models, no better, role models for young people and Clinique consultant, Jess couldn’t be more excited!

We’ve never had a campaign that has used people rather than just products before.

Explains Jess,

Hannah, Tavi & Margaret are all brilliant young women who have accomplished so many great things at such a young age. I think they are perfect examples of what young people can achieve.

The three faces for the campaign, Hannah Bronfman, Margaret Zhang and Tavi Gevinson, are a trio of multi-talented wonder-women, chosen to spark some inspiration with their own stories of success.

Success comes with positivity and positivity comes from feeling great. All that can start with something as simple as great skin, and that’s where Clinique comes in!

Clinique hope that the Face Forward campaign will encourage more young people to trial the popular 3-step skin care system, feel great in their own skin and realise the opportunities that are out there if you can spur a little confidence.

Take the challenge for yourself and discover your perfect skin care system; feel amazing and shoot for the stars!

Tavi, Margaret & Hannah all blog about their experiences with their own Clinique 3-step kit’s and we encourage you to do the same. Visit the Clinique counter in Ashford to find out more about the 3-step skin care system.

When you buy any 2 skin care products at the Clinique counter you’ll get a free custom-fit skin care kit to take home and try for yourself today. There’s also a foaming sonic facial soap available now exclusive to Debenhams customers.

Tweet about your experiences with your new skin-care kit using the hashtag #faceforward and share with us using hashtag #loveashford.

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