We don’t all find it as easy to switch of in the evenings as others. Sometimes chilling out on the sofa with a cup of tea and catch-up T.V can do the trick but now and then you wish you could find yourself doing something a little more nurturing.

We don’t all have time for yoga and spa treatments in the evenings after work, so how about some colouring in?

Yes, you heard me! Some good old fashioned colouring in, with a tad of sophistication thrown in of course. All you need is a pack of coloured pencils or pens and one of the following, now available at Waterstones County Square;

There’s a range of beautifully illustrated books ready for you to personalise and make your own. You’ll quickly learn to appreciate the delicacy of a line drawing as you fill in the gaps with your chosen palette of colours and maybe even inspire you to create a design yourself! Too soon?

Colour Therapy by Cindy Wilde in hardback is now just £9.79

Pretty Patterns in paperback is now just £7.49

Millie Marrotta’s Animal Kingdom in paperback is also now just £7.49

Each book offers the scope to improve your artistic skills and will easily be enjoyed by anyone looking to get the creative juices flowing. So indulge in a illustration to fit your mood, increase your focus and feel the stress of your busy day left behind in the feathers of a bird, the tendrils of a jellyfish or maybe even a composite of flowers that make up a grizzly bear ... who knows!

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