High street shopping, for many of us, is not just about the retail therapy and the coffee shops. As much as we all enjoy a frequent visit to our favourite stores followed by a spot of lunch, more and more of us expect something different, creative, interactive and more rewarding from our high streets these days.

Many town centres are fast evolving into hubs for the creative arts; art and craft shops, vintage and up cycling markets are fast becoming more popular whilst public art and performance areas are now being considered into the regenerating of public spaces. The reason for this is because the arts are enjoyed by many and are warrant events that bring the community together in a positive and inspiring way.

If you’re looking for some positive inspiration of your own, the Park Mall Shopping Centre has a rich art display found under the banner of the Creative Collective Gallery & Studios. Home to resident artists Eric Boadu, Qiu Smart and Laurence Muspratt, there are also works to see and buy from the Ashford Photographic Society and local jewelry designer/makers too. Here’s a brief look through the keyhole at what the Creative Collective has on show ...

For more information on the Creative Collective Gallery & Studios, take a look at the loveashford shopping directory to find out how you can get in touch.

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