Beautiful fabric creations are decorating the Ashford Bandstand as part of Fabric of Ashford; an installation created by and for the Ashford community. 

Fabric of Ashford is hosted by Loveashford and Emergency Exit Arts and is supported by Ashford Borough Council and local businesses.  

What is Fabric of Ashford?

Fabric of Ashford is a community co-creation art project which will see the bandstand and the town centre beautifully decorated with colourful fabric squares, created and designed by the local community.

There were three days of free workshops where members of the community created fabric-based artwork to contribute to the installation. Over the course of the summer, the fabric squares are being brought together to form a poignant tribute, making it a living, growing piece of art!  

In the spirit of the padlock tradition seen across many bridges in the world, you'll see there are many beautiful ‘Memory Knots’  tied to the bandstand, made by the visitors and residents of Ashford.   

Alongside the workshops were the The Recovery Poems; inspiring, illuminated, poems written collaboratively by poets Deanna Rodger and Robert Montgomery.  We are delighted to welcome this prestigious art installation which is currently touring and inspiring communities across the country. 

With phrases from the poem like At what point do we fall into each other’s arms and dance again loosening our shadow? we hope these words will helped inspire and capture your thoughts after this difficult year, but also help us look ahead with hope and positivity.  

Thank you to everyone to came along to the workshops and got involved! Look how fabulous the bunting looks so far!

Share your story on social 

We would love to see your creations! Snap a picture and post on social media with the hashtag #fabricofashford. Tell us what inspired your creation, what your memory knot means or the story behind your donated piece of fabric. 

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