If you’re a foodie living in Ashford, Kent then you’ve probably heard about The Gastronomist; a brand new dining experience that has become the talk of the town for its dinner party concept and exclusive dining experience.

If you’re looking for a reason to book a seat for supper, here are 5 that might inspire you. 

1.It's an escape from the world outside.  

Once you’ve been welcomed by your host and led inside to the Gastronomist dining room, you’ll feel as if you could be anywhere in the world. Leave your troubles at the door as the modern space and gentle lighting will have you instantly feeling relaxed and content.

2.An experience you won’t find anywhere else nearby.

From the menu and locally sourced ingredients, to the seating and beautiful décor, every inch of the Gastronomist has been carefully curated to provide you with a completely pleasurable and immersive experience that you won’t find for miles around.

3.You’ll try something new (and probably love it).

Unless you regularly dine around the world, there’s a high chance there will be something on the menu that you’ve never heard of or tried before. The Gastronomist promises to be an experience of discovery and as long as you love trying new delicious things, prepare to be surprised and delighted by what’s on your plate.

4.You won’t lift a finger.

Forget worrying about picking the best menu options or finding the right wine for your meal, all of your dishes have been chosen for you and any dietary requirements taken into consideration from the moment you booked your ticket. So, unless we’re talking to study the six-course tasting menu, the only fingers you’ll need to lift will be around your perfectly selected wine.

5.You’ll meet wonderful likeminded foodies.

The dinner party-style setup features long banqueting tables which bring all the evening guests together. This unusual arrangement is incredibly social, particularly for smaller bookings and may find you getting acquainted with a fellow local foodie or two.

For more inspiration why not follow @thegastronomistclub on Instagram, or head to their website to book your ticket now!

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