Following 12 successful months in Ashford town centre, Kate from Happy & Glorious bids goodbye to her cosy space in Park Mall to start the next leg of her business adventure.

The work to revitalise Park Mall, which was prompted by residents calls for something to be done to improve the then ailing centre, began in June 2015 and has seen ten new shops open since then. 

These shops have been quality independent retailers, who have proudly formed the backbone of the new Park Mall.

Within Park Mall there are ‘business incubator’ spaces. These are smaller kiosks that enable businesses to be the sole trader in the unit. This affords them a real opportunity to test their business on its own on the High Street.

One retailer who took advantage of this option is Kate Tompsett from Happy & Glorious. Kate advanced her business to the kiosk having originally been in the PopUp Ashford shop in 2014. She has been hugely proactive while in Park Mall and has been part of that surge of renewed pride in that area of the town centre.

After making the decision to move her business to a closer location in Cranbrook, Kate explained,

“In my 12 months in Park Mall I have made great friends, grown and developed my business and feel much more confident to take it forward to the next level. As well as being nearer to home, my new space in Cranbrook is larger and will enable us to host craft workshops and art exhibitions as well as continuing to sell our lovely British-made gifts.

The work being done here in Ashford is ground-breaking and I wish all the other wonderful businesses, both big and small, lots of luck for the future.”

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