The Made In Ashford shop has recently under gone a makeover to allow more independent designer-makers from the local area to trade in the Park Mall space. 

Made in Ashford was opened in October 2015 by Ashford Borough Council’s regeneration team, immediately seeing a positive response from local residents who loved the unique products available from the independent led shop.

Local talent continued to come through the doors of the shop share, looking for space to showcase their work and test their businesses on the Ashford high street.

Over the last month, ABC have been working with Made in Ashford tenants to redesign the layout of the shop floor. With thanks to high interest and demand for space, the team have been able to make more practical use of the Park Mall shop to provide more opportunities to local designer-makers.

The shop is now home to 30 independent and local small business owners from Ashford and the surrounding areas, all with unique products and gifts ready to be picked up by shoppers looking for something unique and different. 

Find out more about the Made in Ashford tenants over on the Loveashford blog.

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