Ashford Arts Centre, presented by Kent Arts Television Film and Music (KATFM), hosted an afternoon for the Mayor of Ashford last Friday afternoon.

The event was organised to celebrate the 1st anniversary of Ashford Arts Centre, and to showcase how much had been achieved by the volunteer-led community project in the short time it’s been a part of the town centre.

The Mayor and other visitors were given a tour of the building in Park Street and a presentation by Rhonda Merrick about how KATFM (a Community Interest Company) was started, the launch of Ashford Arts Centre, and upcoming events such as the Ashford Fringe Festival which is taking place in May for the second year running.

Ashford Arts Centre was created to provide affordable studio spaces for small and micro-sized businesses within the creative sector whilst providing practical and educational support, classes and creative events.

To date KATFM has received just over £5,000 of donations and funding from various sources including Kent County Council Combined Members Grant, Ashford Borough Council Arts & Culture division and NCS students under a youth programme administered by CXK.

Due to a number of jobs in the Creative and Performing Arts sector being dependent on the Ashford Arts Centre, KATFM is seeking help and support from local government and inward investment companies to manage growth, expand services and fund training in what is fast becoming a cultural hub in Ashford town centre.

Mayor of Ashford, Cllr Geraldine Dyer, said:

"I was delighted to attend today to see exactly what has been achieved by this community-led project. Throughout my civic year to date I have been struck by the dedication and professionalism of our volunteer communities, and it is a pleasure to see the way in which KATFM and The Ashford Arts Centre project is nurturing the skills that exist in our community."

As a Community Interest Company, KATFM is a not-for-profit organisation, set up by, and for, professionals seeking studio and rehearsal spaces to meet clients and students. The sole focus of the company is to provide practical grassroots support for working musicians, dancers, actors, filmmakers and other local people working in the Creative and Performing Arts sector.

For further information on KATFM and how you can get involved, visit them on our businesses in Ashford town centre guide.

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