Anyone with kids will know that the school holidays pose a challenge for even the most relaxed parenting style.

Of course, it’s a great opportunity to bond with the little people in your life whilst recharging your batteries too - if you’ve managed to bag yourself some time off work. But how do you keep them out of trouble in between between running errands?

Loveashford have got a tried and tested idea to keep them entertained that’s both creative and inspiring!

Kippy’s Paint Your Own Pottery, nestled just off of North Street, is a delightful little studio open to kids and adults alike. Simply select your ideal piece of pottery from a huge choice of plates, bowls, figurines and animals and relax in the studio space as you work on your master piece!

Choose or mix your colours and start creating your own unique design. The staff are great and will help you plan and offer you guidance throughout the whole experience. Feeling creative? Why not join your kids and create something for yourself?

When you have finished designing and painting you simply leave it behind to be glazed and fired and collect in a few days times.

With so many wonderful possibilities, the kids are bound to have an unforgettable time at Kippy’s.

Book now to avoid disappointment during those bust school holidays!

Call: 01233 631388 or visit for more information.

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