Kumon at the Ashford Gateway Library

Kumon are promoting their February 2018 Two-week Free Trial at the Ashford Gateway Library. This will be on Monday 12th February. Time - 9am to 1pm. 

Local tutor, Jyoti Rajani, offers children additional support in English and maths from the Kumon learning centre in Ashford North. Come along and see what Kumon offer!

Kumon study helps children of any age and any ability to shine. We aim to give our students the tools they need to enjoy learning. Our programmes establish strong foundations in maths and English, helping your child to feel confident enough to tackle challenging work.

Rather than offering conventional maths and English tuition, our Instructors set themselves apart by guiding their students through work that is set at just the right level for them, keeping them engaged and making progress. They support and encourage students to work out answers by themselves, helping them to become self-sufficient, successful learners for the future. By studying little and often through daily worksheets and twice weekly study centre visits, our students steadily increase ability and fluency, building their skills in small, manageable steps. 

See website and Facebook page below for more details. 



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