Since its official launch in 2014 as the first digital high street in the UK, has been working with town centre businesses to embrace the growing digital high street. As a result, the Council funded website continues to see support from retail giants including Marks & Spencer, Wilko, Boots and Greggs. 

Social media plays a heavy influence on the way people shop, both online and in the high street. Consequently town centre businesses need to be grasping the benefits of the free platforms that are available to them; helping them better connect with more potential customers and build brand loyalty to influence footfall into the town.

The Loveashford team have been working closely with its brick & mortar stores to guide and advise businesses on how to approach these social media platforms and use them effectively to support their business models. Loveashford can offer its businesses advice on anything from launching new social media accounts, branding those accounts successfully and exploring effective ways of posting content to grow customer reach.

The online presence of Loveashford provides businesses with another way of promoting their offers and events, helping businesses to embrace the increasingly connected customer and showcase their unique offers, pulling together town centre businesses and shoppers in an online community. The encouragement shown through Loveashford has influenced Ashford businesses to work together both online and in day-to-day business, demonstrating exactly what can be achieved when people work together to help their town centre.

The Loveashford website and subsequent social media platforms offers customers visiting the town a seamless and connected experience, giving them access to news and updates, offers and events direct from town centre businesses and parking initiatives that generate footfall into the town centre.

Loveashford is free to all town centre based businesses and its editorial style makes it easy to sign up and connect with real people.

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