Welcome to Mancave Ashford, County Square's newest Business!

County Square Shopping Centre have a brand new men's hair salon but Mancave Ashford is no ordinary barbers!

Walk in, past the Storm Trooper, and you'll find a funky, modern & relaxing place for men & boys to have their hair cut. Star Wars models hang from the ceiling & a stag head wearing a jaunty angled bowler hangs on the wall.

One of Mancave Ashford's great selling points is that waiting customers can chill out & play PlayStation on the comfy sofa chairs until a barber become available. Or, if you tap your name into their digital screen, you'll receive a text to let you know there's a free slot, while you continue running your errands around town.

Visit Mancave Ashford for a haircut on a Saturday afternoon & over 18's will be treated to a refreshing beer!

Haircuts cost £10 for men and £8 for boys. For all the latest updates and news, follow ManCave on Facebook.

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