Looking back at our youths, there aren’t many of us who wouldn’t recall the days you were given pocket money to spend on sweets at the corner shop!

It’s hard not to get nostalgic when you recall some of the fantastic sugary treats you could buy as a kid with 1p coins, and there are plenty of us still who have a place in our hearts for good old fashioned sweets. From sugared mice to cherry lips, black jacks and bonbons, pear drops and liquorice all stacked up in jars on high-shelves, shook into little paper bags that you you’d tuck away into your coat pocket for the bike-ride home.

Sweets, are of course, for high days and holidays. Also not forgetting those rainy day too! So if you’re going to let loose on a special treat this week to perk yourself up, pick up a blast from your own sweet past at Mr Simms Olde Sweet Shoppe on Ashford High Street. It’s packed, floor to ceiling, of the most popular retro treats and American candies, taking you right back through time, with it’s quaint Victorian style decor.

Mr Simms even stock their own exclusive Mr Simms Handmade Chocolate Collection - a great collection of unusual chocolate bars that offer something a little bit different to the usual high-street offerings. They even make great gifts for that person who has everything!

For more information on how to find Mr Simms, visit our online shopping directory.

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