​It’s true, these days there’s a national day for everything ... even ice cream! However, there are some important dates on the calendar we should all be making a conscious effort to be a part of, including today!

The 4th November is National Stress Awareness Day or NSAD, and could be the difference between you, a member of your family, or even a friend, identifying they have symptoms of stress that they may otherwise be dismissing as a part of ‘everyday life.’

There are some symptoms we often put down to age, including forgetfulness, the inability to concentrate or make simple decisions, that could actually be a sign that you suffer from stress. Emotional symptoms can include feeling irritable, tearful or even negative, symptoms that we may excuse for ‘lack of sleep.’

If you are experiencing symptoms you feel may be linked to stress, it’s important you seek help from your GP. But why not start by taking control yourself today!

Here are some ways you may be able to add some ‘stress-less’ activities into your daily routine ...

Oils of Life - Intensely Revitalising Facial Oil - £28.00

Oils of Life - Revitalising Moisturiser - £25.00

​Stress can affect your body as a whole, everything from our hair, nails and skin can show short-term affects from the symptoms of a stressful lifestyle. Prolonged exposure to the hormones our bodies released to target stress can begin to affect us externally, most noticeably through our skin. Stress can cause our sebaceous glands to produce more oil, resulting in oily skin and therefor, breakouts as well as other skin problems too.

The Oils of Life range from the Body Shop Ashford can help reduce those visible signs of stress to the skin.

The facial oil is a lightweight formula that will effortlessly absorb into the skin, leaving a non-sticky super-soft finish. If you’re looking for a daily moisturiser with visible benefits, the revitalising cream will not leave your skin feeling greasy and keep it hydrated throughout the day whilst reducing the visible signs of aging.

​Mindfulness: A Practical Guide to Finding Peace in a Frantic World

by J.Mark G Williams & Dr. Danny Penman

This best-selling self-help book reveals a set of simple yet powerful practices that can be incorporated into daily life, helping to break the cycle of unhappiness, stress, anxiety and mental exhaustion. Not just a book for those who suffer from depression, it is designed to help those who are struggling to keep up with the constant demands of the modern world.

It focuses on promoting joy and peace rather than banishing unhappiness and is precisely focused to help ordinary people boost their happiness and confidence levels and reducing anxiety, stress and irritability.

Grab this great read from Waterstones Ashford in County Square Shopping Centre.

​Massage treatments are often seen by most of us as a ‘luxury’ treat, not considering that they could actually be a key part to our healthcare regime.

Massage is know to decrease levels of anxiety. reduce muscle fatigue, enhance quality of sleep and improve concentration. Massage is also thought to be emotionally balancing and experts say that many clients will often report a ‘sense of clarity’ post treatment.

Book yourself into one of the great Beauty Salons in Ashford town-centre for an expert treatment, try Aquarius Beauty Clinic under Elegance Lingerie for a secluded and luxurious massage experience.

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