Almost weeks into our New Year resolutions and the pressure is on as the reality of our goals begin to set in.

After a season of Celebration tins, candy canes and Christmas parties, it’s only natural that a vow to get fit and healthy would follow! If you’ve taken up running, or perhaps picked yourself up a post-Christmas gym membership, then we’ve got the perfect mid-week motivation for you.


Sports Dufflebag - £25.00

Collection Zip Top - £19.50

Collection Panel Legging - £25.00

Collection Active Tee - £19.50


Non-padded Sports Bra - £22.00

Tech Vest - £10.00

Fluorescent Tech Jacket - £30.00

​New Look

Leggings - £17.99

Crop Top - £12.99

Orange Vest - £7.99

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