We all find buying gifts tricky at times, especially around Christmas when you need to find so many things for all the special people in your life.

Made In Ashford have got you covered. The shop share in Park Mall is full with unique and hand made products that are instantly thoughtful and special.

Here are some of our favourites to get you started ...

Cuff-links - £32.00

by Lucy Alice Designs

Necklace - £15.00

by Made in Pixieland

Kids Polar Bear Sweatshirt - £24.00

by Mini Medley

Tea-light Jar - £6.00

by Mulberry Glass Art

Heart Necklace - £12.00

by Nicola Jennings Art

Loose Tea from £6.50

by Rosie Lea Tea

Necklace - £25.00

by The Little Red Hen

Driftwood Sign - £10.00

by Shell's Driftwood

Beard Juice from £6.00

by Premium Oil Co. 

Framed Ashford Print - £32.00

by Circa 1990

Necklaces - £6.00 each

by Ellabee Crafts

Headscarves - £5.00 each or 3 for £15.00

by Aye Aye

Hanging Heart - £6.00

by Jolly Jane Crafts

Tea Cup & Saucer - £20.00

by Juju Art

You can find out more about the independent traders from Made In Ashford on the Loveashford blog page.

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