​Whether you’re working hard in the office, running around after the family or enjoying a day off, it’s essential that we all enjoy the summer responsibly.

Sometimes, when the heat gets too much, it can be the difference between you having a positive day and an uncomfortable one. So here are some top-tips we recommend to help you feel a little less flustered.

1. Take your lunch outdoors (don’t forget your sunscreen!)

If you’re sitting up in a stuffy office somewhere, don’t endure the temperature through your lunch break! Take your lunch outdoors and find a shady bench or a spot under a tree. The cool breeze will help regulate your body temperature and the fresh air will do your head some good!

Why not try the Ashford Memorial Gardens, North Park or even Victoria Park which is just a short walk from the town centre.

2. Grab yourself an icy drink (make mine a grande!)

From Cafe Nero, Costa Coffee & Starbucks there are plenty of places in Ashford to pick yourself up an ice-cold drink. Treat yourself to a creamy frappuccino, an iced coffee, a frappe milkshake or a fruit based smoothie from any of these great retailers. If you’re feeling naughty you could even add a whip of cream! Delicious.

3. Get yourself a floppy hat.

Protecting yourself from the sun when you’re out and about is important, but you’ve got to look good whilst doing it, right? This floppy hat from BHS can be yours for just £15.00, pick one up from the County Square now, pop on a pair of shades and spread the accessory envy while you run your errands.

4. Swap your smart shoes for flip-flops (when nobody’s looking!)

There’s nothing worse on a hot day than tight shoes and sweaty feet! Lovely. If you’re sitting at a desk, taking a drive or out and about on your feet today, pack a pair of light flip-flops or some comfy sandals that you can do a sneaky swap with when you feel the need.

5. Keep hydrated (with water not Pimms!)

We can never be told enough times how important it is to stay hydrated throughout the day, and on a warm summer day we should be drinking more than usual. Make your water break a little more interesting with this fancy drinking jar from Wilko. For just £2.00 you could even afford a lemon or two to really jazz things up!

6. Treat yourself to a little sprtiz.

We all have those moments where we wish we could trade in what we’re doing for a dip in the pool. Stay focused and keep your skin hydrated with this Vitamin C energising face-spray from the Body Shop. When you’re starting to feel a bit drained by the heat, spray a little across your face, neck and shoulders and feel instantly refreshed!

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