The main entrance to the former Bingo Hall under went a bit of an artistic make-over in May with thanks to local artist and designer, Aimee Godden of Gracefully Boho Designs.    

Working in partnership with Loveashford’s Town Centre Regeneration team, Aimee hand-painting a pair of large colourful wings onto the wooden hoarding, that currently covers the main entrance to the building.  

Aimee, who also sells handmade crafts in Made in Ashford and is an ambassador for the Love Disfigure campaign, contacted the Loveashford team with a proposal to deliver a large piece of art for the community in Ashford town centre.  

The bespoke design showcases the history of the building (which was once a cinema and a ballroom) and links to the fact it was a proud community driven premises on the lower high street.     

The artwork was completed on 31st May and the public are being encouraged to take pictures of the artwork and use the social media hashtag #SpreadYourWingsinAshford.  

Aimee hopes that the mural will be well-received by the community and will encourage local groups and artists to think of the town centre as a platform and space for more community projects.  

You can find more from Aimee on her Instagram and Facebook pages.

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