Social media plays a superior role in our online behavior and now an increasingly bigger part in many people’s everyday lives.

From the way we socialise to the way we shop, there are few elements of our day that aren’t influenced by the digital world in one way or another.

So much so that businesses are using the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to build on their brand identity. It’s a constant enterprise to gain more followers, share interesting content and capture the hearts and minds of online users.

With this in mind, loveashford has pulled together our top social media dos & don’ts, to help you on your way to digital success!

1. DO be conversational.

Social media should not be a none way street. Make yourself aware of what your followers are telling you and if someone asks you a question, give them a nice friendly answer.

2. DON’T overuse #hashtags.

#There’s #nothing #more #annoying #than #reading #an #update #littered #with #hashtags!

3. DO complete your profile.

Platforms such as LinkedIn reward their users for having completed profiles by ranking them higher in their search listings. It’s also much more appealing to potential customers if you have a full profile.

​4. DON’T forget to check your spelling.

Poor spelling is never attractive to customers. People will make quick judgements about your business based on poor spelling and grammar.

5. DO take lots of photographs.

Social media users are more likely to engage with images than they are with text. If you’re updating your followers on your achievements for the day, take a picture too! Just make sure it’s sharp and smart and the background is clear or any unwanted clutter.

6. DON’T spam your followers.

Yes, post your special offers, but don’t repeat them too often. Customers will be quickly turned off if they think you’re being pushy.

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