As days of the week go, Sundays are notorious for being laid back and carefree, often associated to all the wonderful things we love to do, like spending time with family, unavoidably large lunches and walks around the shops. 

Shopping on a Sunday

It can be tricky to know where you stand with Sunday opening hours in town, unless you’re familiar with your favourite store’s trading times. Some shops opt for a 10am start, with others choosing to open later in the day. This can often leave the avid shopper a bit stuck for choice on a Sunday, arriving before the shops are open or just as the stores are about to close. 

Support Sunday            

On Sunday 2nd October,  Ashford high street businesses are clubbing together to bring you Support Sunday – the perfect shopping day in Ashford town centre without the added fuss of trying to work out which shops open when!

All participating stores will open from 10am - 4pm to compliment the opening of the Ashford Farmer’s Market on the lower high street from 10am - 2pm. 

Browse the October bumper market and the shops, stop for breakfast, coffee or even lunch at your favourite places to eat. 

Also, don't spend a penny on parking as you can park for FREE throughout the day in Edinburgh Road car park and the Flour Mills car park.

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