High street looking messy? Street furniture lost its shine? Then it’s time to call T-CAT!

Ashford Borough Council’s Town Centre Action Team (T-CAT) is ensuring that our town centre stays clean, bright and beautiful for all to see. As we reach the height of summer, what have the team been up to?

Hi Love Ashford! Here’s what we’ve been doing:

  • The Mural: we commissioned the Ashford College to make a mural of some of Ashford’s history to go around the green container in Vicarage Lane car park. They did an amazing job! After they completed it, we put it up and layered a coat of anti-graffiti paint. There is still a little bit of decoration to go on it yet, just to finish it off.
  • Early Morning Jet Washing: We started early in the morning to tackle some of the busy parts in town to give them a clean. We jet-washed Taylors Passage, the Bandstand, Elwick Place and New Rents toilets. And on a separate shift, we jet-washed the railings leading up to the Stour Centre.
  • Farmers Market Birthday: It’s been a year already‽
  • Park Mall: we have been very busy in Park Mall this month. We teamed up with the Park Malls guys to brighten the area up; planting all the hanging baskets, varnishing the benches and bins, seeding the big planter with fresh greenery and the smaller planter with herbs, and decorating the newly opened Emporia. We painted all the walls, did the skirting and coving and even a bit of wallpapering!
  • We attended a “Love Where You Live” event hosted by McDonalds, litterpicking around the Eureka Park area. We even brought Sir Litternot with us for a quick photo!
  • An overgrown and full of rubbish alleyway in Beaver Road/Lower Denmark Road got some T-CAT attention. You couldn’t even walk through this alleyway before but now its free for the residents to use.
  • Create Music Festival: The team we be helping to set up and back up the event in Victoria Park as well as being there on the day with Sir Litternot spreading the word of our anti-littering campaign
  • Tony’s Carpentry Corner: This month, Tony has been very busy making a castle for Sir Litternot for Create Festival! He has also been fixing benches by the play park at the Stour Centre, turning old broken dustbins into planters and constructing New Book-Stops! All coming very soon…

Remember, anyone can flag up a problem or task to T-CAT, including sending pictures, using any of the following methods:

The team can’t carry out work on privately owned land or property, but will endeavour to contact the relevant owners if action is needed. Any problems that are out of their coverage area, or beyond their capacity, will be flagged up to the relevant people.

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