High street looking messy? Street furniture lost its shine? Then it’s time to call T-CAT!

Ashford Borough Council’s Town Centre Action Team (T-CAT) is ensuring that our town centre stays clean, bright and beautiful for all to see.

What have Tom and the team been up to this month?

A few of us have come down with the flu this month but that hasn’t stopped us getting plenty done!

Most of our time has been in Park Mall this month. We have been in several different units painting and decorating getting ready for the new tenants. Our first achievement has been the opening of Made in Ashford. We worked to a deadline getting walls painted and the skirting on and then helping the tenants putting up shelves where they want them. The Kentish Express even took our photo, should be in this weeks paper! But that’s not all for Park Mall, we have been in 3 other shops so far this month and I know 2 of them are opening very soon - keep following Loveashford to see what we’ve done!

This month we received tweets about a load of graffiti in Tenterden and we went out there with our Jet-Wash and got rid of it! We also have a new attachment for our jet-wash which is specifically designed to remove chewing gum, so we did a bit of that too.

A busy one for fly-posting this month! We have removed about 100 pieces of fly-posting around the borough this month, even caught someone in the act and asked them to stop!

The grubby stairwell at Edinburgh Road Car Park got some T-CAT attention this month with a blast of the jet-wash. It is much cleaner for everyone to use. We also had a tidy up in Taylors Passage, a litter pick and Jet Wash in the alleyway to try and brighten this area up. We also painted over the graffiti on the door in the alleyway.

Remember, anyone can flag up a problem or task to T-CAT, including sending pictures, using any of the following methods:

The team can’t carry out work on privately owned land or property, but will endeavor to contact the relevant owners if action is needed. Any problems that are out of their coverage area, or beyond their capacity, will be flagged up to the relevant people.

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