As part of their growing network of Brewery Taprooms, next month the exciting South London Brewery Hob Stuff will be opening their third Taproom, and bringing a Brewery vibe, to Bank Street.

From existing craft enthusiasts to those just venturing into the world beyond the green bottle, Taproom  focusses on serving great tasting local craft beer to all beer lovers. Taprooms will soon become a popular spot in Ashford to enjoy craft beers, sourdough pizza, and an array of sharing plates, wine, cocktails, sodas and snacks. 

'Craft beer ought to be for everyone’

This idea spurred James to start Hop Stuff Brewery in 2013. He unbuttoned his white-collar life to make craft beer to that enjoy can enjoy - whether a 'pint of lager' drinker, a hop lover or his sweet old grandma.

James Yeomans, Founder and Owner, told us

“we chose Ashford because we could see the clear potential in the town and surrounding areas. With London becoming ever increasingly more expensive to buy a home, and the announcement of both Chapel Down and Elwick Place we felt Bank Street was perfect for our first site outside of the capital.”

Since then, Hop Stuff has grown to a growing team of beer maniacs backed by over 650 investors. And the mission is still the same - kicking out craft beer that all types of folks can enjoy together.

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