Kids play areas and parks have and always will be, popular places for parents to take the kids after school and during the holidays. They are enjoyable places where children can feel free, play with friends and above all, do so in a safe and friendly environment.

As parents and carers, the last thing we consider when taking the kids to the park is whether or not it could be a risk our children’s health. But what about the risks of passive smoking in areas like this that should be healthy places to play?

As part of the Kent Quit Scheme, led by Kent Health & Wellbeing, Ashford Borough Council approached HH Creative Agency, part of Hairyhand, to work with them to design a new campaign to help make Ashford’s play areas smoke free.

The brief HH Creative were given was to design a set of images that would discourage people from smoking in play areas in and around the Ashford area.

As there are no laws to officially stop people smoking in local play parks, the designs had to communicate an anti-smoking message in a sensitive way that suited the surroundings too.

HH Creative cleverly created the idea of ‘Kids Crusades - a healthier place to play,’ encouraging people to remember that play areas should be healthy places for children to be.

The agency decided to run with a fairy-tale theme for the campaign and even created six children’s games in keeping with the new designs that could be displayed in play areas, interacted with by the kids, all the while spreading a health message to both parents and children.

The final images feature brightly coloured, friendly child characters dressed as knights. The result hopes to display a series of fun images encouraging children and adults to continue the battle against smoking in public areas.

For more information on Hairyhand and HH Creative visit their websites & and discover more about the creative work and designs that they produce.

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