There’s no denying it - technology is changing our world dramatically. There’s an app for (nearly) everything nowadays - you can even go on augmented reality treasure hunts and battles for Pokemon with your smart phone.

As kids we never could have imagined something like this would become a reality during our lifetime but that’s just the current tip of the iceberg.

Technology is impacting our lives in so many ways. Social media is making the world a significantly smaller place to live and the troubles halfway across the world no longer feel like they are halfway across the world. 

It’s possible to be in Australia and work for a company based in the UK whilst accessing their servers and Skyping into meetings. You can crowd fund to develop products, launch campaigns and support causes. 

Technology is amazing but a little daunting at the same time.

In Ashford we are very lucky to have easy access to London with the high speed train and being able to go up to the big smoke at the drop of a hat for work and meetings. But sometimes it can be beneficial to have a network a bit closer to home; a group of people who are interested in the changes going on in the world today and want to meet others to discuss our swiftly evolving environment.

The Kent Collective aims to bridge this gap by bringing together the talented and inquisitive working professionals of East Kent and engaging them with each other. 

On the last Wednesday of every month the team puts together a free meet up covering topics include the 21st century career, health, technology, social issues and the environment. 

You can join The Kent Collective at Ashford's International House just across the road from the domestic side of Ashford International Station with key speakers kicking off at 6:30pm.

Find out more about this event on our What's On page. 

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