As her time at Made In Ashford comes to a close, we speak to Alix Leeds about her experience in the independent led shop and what her plans are for the future.

Your name: Alix Leeds

Business name: The Little Red Hen Jewellery

Number of partners/makers: One maker - me!

When was the business first established: 2011

Can you describe the sort of products you make and sell?

I design and hand-make sterling silver, eco-recycled silver, copper and knitted wire jewellery. My work is heavily inspired by Folk-art motifs, texture and the beautiful Kent countryside.

How long did you spend showcasing your brand in the Made In Ashford shop?

I’ve been showcasing my jewellery with the Made in Ashford shop for 5 months. It was lovely to be involved from the beginning. At first I was involved on a commission basis, then after Christmas, I was pleased to be able to rent space and have the opportunity to work in the shop too.

What attracted you most to the opportunity to bringing your products here?

I already knew several of the businesses involved from the craft fair circuit, so it was great to work more closely with them and fantastic to discover new businesses too!

Have you learnt anything new about your business during your time on Ashford’s high street?

There’s a real sense of camaraderie, positive encouragement and support that I’ve experienced with the shop. It’s a lovely environment for developing new ideas and picking up tips with things like packaging and visual merchandising.

Where will your journey take you next?

I’m going to be concentrating on developing my product range further; I want to experiment with more complicated metal-smith techniques, such as fold forming. I’m rejuvenating my online shops and continuing to work on my blog.

Would you recommend Made In Ashford to a fellow designer/maker/artist?

I would definitely recommend Made in Ashford to other designer makers. It’s a fantastic way to grow their business, by networking with other makers, gaining face to face customer feedback and having lots of fun!

You can find more about Alix using the links below, or discover more about the Made In Ashford shop using our shopping in Ashford guide.


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Twitter: @redhenjewellery

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