If you're embracing plant power, great news because we've got you covered with our top places in Ashford town centre you can find Vegan treats. Whether you're looking to improve your health or you're giving up meat for ethical reasons, Ashford has plenty of places you can find Vegan-friendly food and skincare products


This stylish Salad Bar located on Bank Street has a great range of vegan yummies to choose from. 

Build your own salad box with fresh toppings including avocado, beans, falafal and hummus, washed down with a fruity smoothie. Something warming comes in the form of hot jacket potatoes or sweet potatoes stuffed with your favourite topping.   

Cafe Madeleine

If you've not ordered it yet, the Vegan All Day Breakfast is worth a try! Even non-vegans will love this tasty meal of baked beans, spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms, toast, avocado and groat (a mixture of wild grains). Available all day!

The Beehive

The Beehive on North Street is not only a wonderful pre-loved clothing store, but it's a quaint spot for coffee and a cake too! Shopping can be thirsty work, so now you can relax with a drink and enjoy a tasty vegan cupcake. 

Warren's Bakery

Warren's Bakery has launched a Vegan range of pasties and pastries. Head to the Ashford store in County Square to try their Thai Pasty flavoured with creamy coconut and Thai spices, packed with pulses and veggies including chick peas, broad beans and sweetcorn!


Hot off the back of their hugely successful vegan sausage roll, Gregg's have launched another treat for the vegans amongst us - the Vegan Steak Bake.

With chunky quorn pieces and diced onions in rich gravy encased in 'light and crisp' puff pastry (96 layers, no less), this is a great lunch-on-the-go for anyone new to Veganuary who's missing their usual meaty lunch.

At £1.55 a slice, it's also a purse-friendly way to fill up, too!

Costa Coffee

In the mood for something hot? Costa Coffee's Vegan Thai Red Curry Meal Pot is sure to warm you up this winter! And for dessert? Try their Vegan Pecan Pudding Cookie.

Muffin Break

That's not all because Muffin Break also have a tasty Cherry and Almond flavoured Vegan muffin in store, perfect for pairing with a vegan drink like a creamy soya latte.

The Little Teapot

Don't forget, all year round The Little Teapot in Park Mall can cater for vegan customers. Many of their menu options can be made Vegan-friendly, as well as dairy-free and gluten-free. Just pop in and see what's on offer!

Bare Bazaar

Now you can enjoy vegan food AND be environmentally friendly by shopping at zero-waste, package-free company Bare Bazaar. Grab a bag, box or Tupperware from home and fill it with whatever takes your fancy, from oats, nuts and seeds, to dried pasta, beans and spices. Perfect for creating your own tasty vegan meal at home.

The Body Shop

But being a Vegan isn't just about the food, did you know you can buy vegan-friendly skincare products from The Body Shop? Trust us, the fruity Body Yoghurt smells delicious enough to eat, the Himalayan Charcoal Wash will purify and cleanse your skin, while the Drops of Youth Sheet Mask will leave your complexion feeling hydrated and fresh.

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