We all want to live in a clean and pleasant borough. Which is why, as of the 5th September 2016, Ashford Borough Council will be working in partnership with a private company to help tackle littering across Ashford town centre.

The council will be teaming up with Kingdom Local Authority Support Services (Kingdom) who will undertake litter enforcement on behalf of the council over a 12 month trial period. If the trial proves successful the council will look to procure a contracted service going forward.

Officers from Kingdom will have the authority to issue a £75 on the spot fine for those caught deliberately dropping litter or not clearing up after their pet, and there will be no reduction in cost for early payment. 

Three officers will be on patrol across Ashford and Tenterden with two located in Ashford town centre and one monitoring the Tenterden area. Officers are flexible in their approach and are able to move to different locations if required.

Wardens can be seen in public wearing uniforms similar to the council’s parking enforcement officers. Officers will also wear body-worn cameras which the council hopes will improve payment rates and reduce appeals. 

Help us keep our town centre clean & tidy by throwing your litter in the bin.

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