If you consider yourself an art-lover, or perhaps just an art-liker, there’s something happening in Ashford town centre that you may be gutted you missed.

I am in awe of how paintings shape themselves.

Glynis Thompson explains her feelings towards the language of painting as she stands amongst a collection of her oil-paint creations.

Visions, an exhibition by two local artists including Glynis and also Jennifer Hedley, adorns the walls of the Creative Collective Gallery & Studio space in Park Mall Shopping Centre. The vibrant colours, textures, layers and strokes is really enough to make you just stand and stare.

Don’t miss the opportunity to see these works before the exhibitions closes this weekend. Pop along, whether alone or with friends, talk to the artists themselves about their journeys or just to give in to your curiosity for a brief moment.

Click here to read more about the Creative Collective and where you can find them.

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