Children’s Book of the Month

Lights! Camera! Action! Alex T. Smith in hardback for £8.99

Claude is quite happily jumping on his trampoline when he spots a gorilla in a dressing gown drinking a cup of tea! He sets off to investigate and winds up assisting on a movie set. When the two lead actors are injured, Claude and Sir Bobblysock are asked to take their places. Can they become movie stars with just the simple addition of a wig? Of course they can!

Try this quirky illustrated books for the kids this Summer, full of plenty of humour and fun.

Ficiton Book of the Month

Early One Morning, Virginia Bailey, available in hardback for £12.99

Set in Rome, 1943. Two young women, complete strangers, lock eyes for a moment. One is fleeing the occupied city for safety. The other has been herded on to a truck with her family. When one makes a decision to save the child of the other, she changes all of their lives. A suspenseful, heartbreaking and inspiring tale of love, loss and war’s reverberations down the years.

Try this beautifully written novel for an unforgettable and riveting story.

Non-Fiction Book of the Month

Village of Secrets, Caroline Moorehead, available in paperback for £9.99

The riveting,Samuel Johnson-nominated, story of a remote French village’s stand against the Nazis. During the German occupation of a large swathe of French territory, enemies of the regime - Resisters, Freemasons, Communists and Jews - were persecuted by the Gestapo as viciously as in Germany itself. The wartime Vichy Government colluded heavily in this purge. All over France (not to mention the rest of occupied Europe), brave citizens made the choice to put themselves at huge personal risk in order to disrupt their plans. None more so than the tiny community of Plateau Vivarais Lignon, high in the mountains of the Massif Central, where citizens banded together to save several thousand victims of Nazi persecution.

If you are looking for an interesting non-fiction book to read this summer then this will be the ideal book for you.

Don’t forget, you can pop in to Waterstones Ashford 7 days a week, the staff are happy to help and wil be able to give you their own views on recommended books for August. Check out our shopping directory for how to find Waterstones in Ashford.

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