All the political talk at the moment is of course the IN or OUT referendum, do we stay in Europe or take a chance on our own two feet?

Well, I’m certainly not getting in to a political debate, this column is aimed at being soft and fluffy, I’ll leave that kind of talk to the professionals. I’d merely like to use it as an analogy as to my home town of Ashford!

I LOVE where I live, that’s the bottom line. I have had many reasons over the years to have left, what with work and certain situations, but have chosen not to. This is my home.

What really gets my goat, more than anything, are people who bemoan our town and I’m not necessarily talking of those people who live here, I’m talking about the media who seem intent on undermining Ashford and running it into the ground.

Well, as far as I’m concerned, its about time we focused on the positives and at this moment in time, there are plenty. There is NOWHERE in the world that you can go that will not have is problems or situations, that’s life, nothing is perfect. And you will ALWAYS find people that just want to pick holes.

Well, I’ve always been a half full, not half empty kind of bloke and I say that it is amazing what is happening to our town at the moment. It has been a sleeping giant that hit the snooze button. Well, it’s just about to get out of bed, so watch out.

With the outlet doubling in size, a cinema coming to town as well as Ashford College, to name just a few, we will soon be thriving and footfall will make it vibrant and exciting.

So, back to the IN or OUT question! I will of course tick my box when the ballot comes round in June. As for Ashford, I’m IN, always have been, always will be!

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