January is the coldest month of the year and now with the possibility of snow you may be thinking about what you can do this Winter to keep on top of your garden.

Give nature a helping hand.

Although it may not seem like there’s much wildlife in the garden right now, the struggle to find food is still on for many wild species over the colder months.

Birds will appreciate a little extra food and water this time of year. Fat balls are a great source of energy but you can also help by keeping your bird bath clean and checking the water isn’t frozen. 

Try these Wild Bird Fat Balls to keep your feathered friends stocked up, just £5.00 for a tub from Wilko. You could also try Pet Essentials on New Rents who stock plenty of options for wild birds too.

What you can grow.

Potatoes are an excellent veg to grow in pots over winter; you could also experiment with parsnips, suede and sprouts or even blackcurrants and redcurrants.

Plan ahead.

You may want to consider installing a water butt in the garden to gather rain water ready for the summer. Some spring/summer plants react better to rain water than water from the taps, plus it'll help save you pennies in the long run!

Watch out for snow.

After snow, brush off from the tops of hedges and bushes to stop the weight from forcing them apart.

When soil conditions allow and snow starts to thin, fork over the soil and dig over beds, mixing in natural matter and exposing any pests to the birds.

Don't forget to tidy up when you come in from the cold with this Wilson & Bloom cast iron boot-cleaner, £20.00 available from the Debenhams collection. 

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