To celebrate National Apple Month, Ashford Farmers’ Market will be selling locally sourced apple themed produce at the market on Sunday 7th October, 10am  - 2pm.

But which apples are best for eating at this time of year?

In season this month

Cox Apples - Delicate skins, crispy texture and subtle flavour.

Cameo - A crunchy and juicy treat discovered in America, now grown in England. Hints of honey and citrus let you know you're eating something special.

Egremont Russet - A very distinctive apple with light brown, russet skin and small cream freckles. Has a sweet and nutty taste.

Royal Gala - Britain's favourite apple with stripy red skin, a crisp bite and delivering a wonderfully sweet flavour.

Rubens - A simply delicious variety, sweet with a hint of melon, with all the aroma of the orchard bursting out.

Zari - Created in Belgium, the first English crop was introduced in 2009.Bright red stripes over a green background, with a firm, crunchy texture and outstanding flavour.

British apples are one of the nation’s best loved fruit. There are more than 7,000 varieties in existence, many of which are grown in Britain.

Did you know – We consume around 122,000 tons a year – that’s enough to fill 325 swimming pools!  

Choosing the best apple

Look for firm fruit, with no blemishes, bruising or wrinkles. Don't be fooled by a very shiny skin - many apples are waxed to make them look good.  

Health benefits of apples

A source of vitamins A and C Filled with fibre Rich in antioxidants Packed with pectin, which promotes a healthy gut and digestive system

Find out more about Ashford Farmers' Marketand the apple themed produce on offer this month.

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