Our seasons are the essence of what makes living in the Garden of England such a joy!

If you haven't had the opportunity to relish in the first fresh asparagus, courgette or tomato of a new season, or the first succulent cherry, strawberry or raspberry then you're missing a treat.

It's a fact that seasonal food is actually fresher, tastier and more nutritious than out-of-season produce that has been 'force-grown,' meaning it's better for you!

With seasonal plants seeds germinate in the soil at the right time, so they are naturally stronger and more resistant to disease, resulting in better quality fruit & veg. Buying local, seasonal food guarantees a shorter time from field-to-kitchen helping you to maximize the nutritional benefit of your five-a-day for you and your family.

In season fruit and veg is left to ripen on the plant, which means it contains more nutrients and has a better flavour than food that is harvested early and ripened artificially out-of-season.

One way of getting into the seasonal and fresh movement in your area is to attend your local Farmers Market. You can visit Ashford Farmers Market on Sunday the 5th of March where you can pick up your own selection of fresh local fruit and vegetables ... you'll soon understand what you have been missing!

Try something different this month by downloading our seasonal recipe - pot roasted guinea fowl.

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