On September 26th The Creative Collective will be hosting an arts fair in the Park Mall Shopping Centre. Throughout the day and into the evening, young artists from EXPOSED will be exhibiting their work to the public.

To get a taste of what to expect from the YA’s, we decided to go along and meet some of those taking part in the exhibition and to learn a little more about Ashford’s young creative talent.

​Name: Milan Limbu

Age: 21

Studies: Part 1 BA Architecture (completed) at UCA, Canterbury.

What work will you be exhibiting at the Exposed exhibition?

I have 2 pieces of work on show which stem back to my A-level studies. They consist of an emulsion, PVA and sand base to create the texture, then watercolours, oil-paint and linseed oils. My favourite of the two is a depiction of the Notre Dame Cathedral, but not as people would usually see it, it’s based on the back of the building and is influenced by cubism.

What stages of your studies are you currently at?

I have just completed part one of my BA, I’m now looking for a job in the industry to gain some first-hand experience, because I’m still finding out what kind of architect I want to be.

Why did you choose to go into architecture?

At school I studied art for fun, and towards the end of my studies I was leaning more towards architecture. Architecture is not just about buildings, it’s also about space. One thing I love about architecture is how it is used to manipulate space and how design can affect people. There’s an element of power and strength in architectural design that, if it’s done right, you experience without even knowing it.

Do you have a favourite style that has inspired you?

I have a particular soft spot of Japanese architecture. I find it really simplistic and beautiful.

What do you hope to gain from the Exposed event?

We are working towards making Ashford a more art-cultured place. I’d like to think that this exhibition will help educate some people who don’t believe art is a useful subject.

Why do you think Art is so important?

I use Art myself to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. If I’m ever in London I always visit the Tate Modern, even if just to get away from the crowds for a little while. Art can provide everyone with a therapy if you’re willing to try it.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

“Enjoy what you do.” When you’re studying art at school you’re encouraged to try different things, some of which you don’t enjoy, but that’s okay. It’s important to listen to your mentors while you’re still learning but at the same time you should use the time to discover the things you enjoy and keep doing them.

To find out more about the EXPOSED event or to inquire about exhibiting, get in touch with The Creative Collective via Facebook.

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