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Children's Yoga Classes aged 5 - 11

Tuesdays - Jasmin Vardimon Studio

Wednesdays - Future Dance Studio

About Simeon

After a chaotic year Simeon started attending Yoga classes in 2019 at his local gym in search of some peace and calm. Whilst there he quickly discovered not only did he love having 1 hour a week to destress, get fitter and stronger, he discovered the power of meditation again.

He then realised if something like this can restore his confidence and make him feel less stressed then why aren't these techniques being taught to children.

He then vowed to start teaching breathing techniques to the children he was working with at his school in order to give them a sense of control and self regulation.

It was here that the idea for the "Yoga Man" was born and Simeon realised he needed to be the change he wanted to see and that if something was going to shift and children's mental health was going to improve then he needed to take his love of Yoga and spread it to as many children as possible.