Inspiring, dedicated, passionate, caring, and a true community hero are just some of the heart-warming ways our Ashford Applause champions have been described by their nominees.

We want to recognise and illustrate the amazing contribution people are making to the community during the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, which is why we have teamed up with Ashford Borough Council to launch The Ashford Applause. 

We have been delighted to receive so many wonderful applications which have brought to light the amazing contribution people are making to the community during the ongoing Covid-19 crisis. 

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We are pleased to announce our Ashford Applause champions below! 

Your Ashford Applause Champions

Chloe falder

Chloe founded and coordinated PPE Team Tenterden; a group of volunteers who have made more than 15,000 items of PPE since the start of lockdown. These items have been sent to frontline workers in the William Harvey Hospital, as well as care homes, GP surgeries, community support groups and the Ashford Police. Some of the items have been well received as far afield as Scotland and the West Country.

Colleague, Alison Miles, nominated Chloe for the award. She said: “Chloe is very modest about her work and always praises the whole team for this astonishing achievement. If it wasn't for her drive, tireless determination, organisation and enormous heart, this would not have become the phenomenon that it is today.”

If that wasn’t enough, Chloe has been coordinating this project whilst continuing to deliver online lessons in her role as a science teacher at Homewood School & Sixth Form Centre, plus home schooling her four children.

Stuart Weller

Stuart is a local magician and entertainer who has been creating his own weekly YouTube videos to keep families entertained during the lockdown. The videos feature magic tricks, craft ideas and fun activities for children to try at home.  

In addition, he recently performed a virtual magic show and raised over £200 for Child Aid to Eastern Europe (ChildAid). Plus, he has been busy home schooling his children, while his wife Julie has been at work. 

Christine Winch

Christine is part of a volunteer team in Bethersden; each week the team takes nominations from people in the village to receive either a food box, a meal voucher from a local pub, or a wellbeing gift.  

Since the start of April, Christine and her family spend every Tuesday morning in the Bethersden Scout and Guide Hut where they make up to 70 boxes of food and gifts a week.  

What’s more, Christine came up with the idea of delivering a gift bag filled with tea, cake and bunting, to elderly residents in the village so they could enjoy and celebrate Victory in Europe Day at home. The team delivered a total of 120 bags to the community that day.  

Sonia Lassnig made the nomination along with co-workers Jan, Dawn and Marian. Sonia said: “Christine is so committed to supporting the wellbeing of people in Bethersden; every week she goes an extra mile to make sure every nominee receives a food box or gift that meets their individual need. She even spends her weekends delivering to people herself if we run out of time.  

“I have been inspired and humbled by Christine’s energy, enthusiasm, dedication and ongoing willingness to support her village. This nomination is submitted by myself, Jan, Dawn and Marian to recognise the enormous amount of contribution Christine has made and continues to make during this unprecedented time. She is a true hero in her community.”

Shane Deacon

Shane has a full time job at Canterbury Hospital yet he still finds the time to go out of his way to help his neighbour’s family during this uncertain time.

Shane’s neighbour and friend, Maria Batcheller, nominated Shane for the award. She said: “I am heavily pregnant and my other half works full time which means it is very hard for us to get the supplies we need from the shops. Shane doesn’t like to see me going to the shops and risking myself and my baby. He asks for my shopping list and gets it all for us, with no bother at all. He has a fiancé and 4 kids at home but he is still looking out for others and their needs. He definitely deserves this award!”

Holly Cripps

Holly has worked above and beyond the call of duty delivering food parcels and shopping for residents of Stanhope. She keeps in contact with vulnerable residents living in the area and supports them in whatever way she can.

One of Holly’s nominators, Heather Hayward, said: “During the pandemic Holly has become the Angel of Stanhope. Nothing has been too much trouble for Holly and despite the stress of the current situation she always has a smile on her face and a can do attitude. The families helped by Holly are known by name, and treated with dignity and respect. She really is the Angel of Stanhope and is very deserving of this award.”

Violet Fuller

86 year old Violet has given hours of her time to support the Ashford, Dover and Folkstone Scrubbers Group; a network of local volunteers wanting to support the William Harvey Hospital and our local health trust in the Ashford, Dover, Deal, Folkestone areas during the Covid-19 crisis by making scrubs, face masks and surgical hats. 

Violet has been busy making an incredible 310 items for the group which has included sewing 50 metres of fabric a week into scrubs which have been donated to Ashford’s local health care providers. She has also resized 160 pairs of scrub trousers from the William Harvey Hospital stock. 

Sarah Mabb, a Founder of the Ashford, Dover and Folkstone Scrubbers Group, nominated Violet for the award. Sarah said: “Violet's commitment, passion and enthusiasm for this cause is inspirational. Violet will be 87 in July and I think this a special way to celebrate a very special lady.” 

Nominate your community champion

There is still plenty of time left to nominate your local community champion for an Ashford Applause to give them the recognition they deserve.

If you know someone who deserves to be praised for their work NOMINATE them today!

Those receiving an Ashford Applause will also; 

be presented with a personalised digital portrait, hand drawn by a local artist, 

have their story published on Ashford Borough Council’s website and social media channels,

get a full feature on Loveashford’s website and social media channels.

The chosen Community Champions will be announced on Ashford Borough Council and Loveashford’s Facebook pages every Thursday. The nominations are open to all individuals, whether it be a dedicated key worker on the frontline, a selfless volunteer delivering food parcels or an outstanding neighbour collecting shopping, prescriptions or cooking meals for others in their area. 

Top Tips For Nominating Your Community Champion

We’re really excited to receive your Ashford Applause nomination but before you get started there are a few tips we’d like to share with you to make sure your nomination has the best chance of being considered. 

1. They must be an Ashford resident. 

Please make sure that the person you are nominating for an Ashford Applause currently lives in the Borough of Ashford. 

2. Provide a good quality photograph. 

As part of your nomination we will ask for a photograph of your nominee which we will use to create their personalised digital portrait. Please make sure the photograph you provide is a clear representation of this person and is of good quality too. 

3. Include a form of contact for your local champion. 

Because we need permission to feature sensitive information about a person, we will ask you to provide a form of contact for your local champion (such as an email or telephone number) so that we can contact them to let them know they have been nominated and chosen for an Ashford Applause. 

4.  Give the process some time. 

We will need some time to process your nomination so please be patient with us while we get up to speed! The Ashford Applause campaign will run for 10 weeks and your application may be successful later down the line. If your nomination has been successful we will contact you to let you know but please note that unfortunately not all of nominations can be featured.   

5. Make sure you have read all the Terms and Conditions below before you proceed to the nomination process.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Only residents that live within the Ashford Borough may be nominated
  • Nominees and nominators must be aged 18 or over
  • Multiple applications for the same nominee will be made void
  • Nominators will be asked to upload a good quality photograph of the person they are nominating. (Full photograph specifications are detailed on the application form)
  • Successful applicants will be contacted and not all application will be successful
  • If successful an Ashford Borough Council employee will contact the nominee for permission to share any sensitive information
  • Ashford Borough Council staff are permitted to nominate, but not be nominated for an Ashford Applause themselves
  • Nominations close at 12am on 3rd August and any applications received after this will not be counted
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