We are here to help you with anything mobile - iPhone, iPad, HTC, Samsung, Blackberry, Nokia and more!

Most repairs can be done in store, simply drop your phone in, we can give you a quote, and normally have the repair done within the day.If for any reason we don’t have an item in store, we will check with our other stores, and wholesaler to get the part in within a week, at no extra charge.

Unlocking allows you to insert and operate another network from your phone anywhere in the world! Most phones are locked to the network from where you brought the phone, which stops you changing the SIM card network, stopping you using other networks, including from other countries.

On occasions when you purchase a phone it may have your network providers images and settings hard coded into the mobile, to remove these the phone needs to be formatted and flashed.
This will place the original firmware onto the phone from the manufacturers, allowing you to change network settings, or simply just removing those images of your previous network.

Buy and Sell
We buy second hand phones from the public and recycle them the best way, by reconditioning them back to full use for someone else to enjoy. The phone will be purchased from the customer with identification such as a Passport or Drivers licence. We check the phones parts, such as speakers, microphones, displays, buttons and connector ports to ensure it works to it’s optimum performance.Replace any faulty parts, clean the insides often re-house the mobile to look like new.

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